Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Made-To-Order, personalised, foiled, Wedding Invitations.

One thing we are proud of at Inspired by Script, is the ability to come up with new and fresh ideas, based around what the client wants.
These cards started out as the 'Simply Stylish' design. but the customer wanted it 'Foiled' and with a Hot Pink, organza ribbon.

I had already done a similar design for Hannah and Robert but without the ribbon and in a different format. Because each Bride and Groom is unique it's nice to be able to work with them to create something that fits their personalities and no two designs work out exactly the same, so they have something that is not only unique but very personal and it's nice that they feel a very big part of that.

I have been using 2mm, satin ribbon, but I've found that keeping them tied tight has become too much of a problem and so I've switched to Organza ribbon and I think it looks fantastic!

The outside of the card is foiled with the Bride and Grooms name in Silver and the insert is printed in hot pink to match the ribbon. The cards measure 15cm square which gives them an overall more elegant look.

The price of these cards including envelopes are on special offer at the moment and are £3 each on orders taken before the end of September.

For further details, contact me (Sue) on inspiredbyscript@yahoo.co.uk

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