Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Personalised Birthday Card Using Cut Letters and Foiled Print

It's some time now since I bought my Foil Machine and Plotter and I must admit that it's taking some time to get to grips with the plotter....but I'm a winner not a quitter and quitters never win.

The programme has a language of it's own and they don't come with a user manual. I think they expect anyone who uses one of these to be 'In The Know' so to it's been a steep learning curve, but fun along the way.

It's my Sister-In-Laws Birthday on Monday and I decided to try and excel myself and use both the Foiler and the Cutter in one design.... I just didn't think it would take me a day to create it lol.

First the foiling way printed in a gorgeous hot pink and then the cut lettering was done making sure that the letters were cut within the already printed design....a lot of mistakes and trials to get this far :o)

The letters will come in handy as next year I'll just glue the cut ones onto a piece of card....well it's a thought! The name came out in one piece as I made sure that each of the letters was connected to the ones either side.

I then trimmed away the bottom edge of the card and inserted a beautiful purple to set off the lettering. I just love the shadows made by cut letters don't you?

All in all, I'm over the moon with the results, but unless someone wants to pay me a days work or I get pretty much faster at these I will not be offering them for sale at the Inspired by Script studio or on the website.

They are however stunning and if you are on my birthday list, I may very well repeat these cards for my friends....time permitting of course :o)

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