Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What sets Inspired by Script apart from other Wedding Stationery Suppliers?

 apart from other 
Wedding Stationery Suppliers?

A Bride came to the studio and saw the Wishing Tree Tags, hanging in the wishing tree. 

Wishing tree tags are roughly 7 cm x 10 cm, so that guests have plenty of room to write on the back. The cards are personalised, printed and foiled, to match  the Brides colour scheme.

Kelly loved them, but wanted something a little less
'In your face' for her wedding as it was a simple and small affair. 

She asked if I could make them in any size?
"Of course" I replied, "All the printed items we sell are designed, printed and made up by us, on the premises.... So you can have exactly what you want".

This is what sets us apart from 
other Wedding Stationery Suppliers.

"So, let's discuss your ideas and I'll see what comes to me".

Kelly's theme was Black and White and as I said earlier.... a simple and small affair.

We love working on orders large or small and everyone gets the same service. Kelly looked around at all the items we seel and decided that she particularly liked the mixture of hand lettering, combined with a typewriter style font. 

GOOD CHOICE! They contrasted well together!

Then we chose a quotation....

All because two people met.....
and fell in love.

But Kelly was also drawn to 
another quotation and 
couldn't decide between the two.

Two souls with a single thought,
Two hearts that beat as one.

As we design, print and make everything ourselves, we were able to do a mixture of the two! Normal printers charge a design fee which would have made these pretty expensive, especially when you par PER design. Even though the order was relatively small, I was quite happy to make these for her. I I love turning Brides ideas into something tangible. Of course, sometimes the ideas aren't possible for a variety of reasons, but together we usually come up with something.

Kelly is going to tie them onto her wedding favours with string. Here's a photo of one tied to a mini bucket,
using white ribbon

And here's the other one,
tied to a jar filled with a mini candle.

So many of my ideas are brought to me by Brides. Some Brides have great ideas, but are not particularly creative. By getting our heads together, we can usually come up with something, making it totally personal to them.

I LOVE my job! 

Have you an idea or do you need something really different and you can't find anyone to make it at a reasonable cost?

Give us a call 

We are happy for you to email us, but it's far easier to get an idea of what you want exactly and how we can best help you, by giving us a ring. 

I'm looking forward to hearing about all your wonderful ideas! 

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