Sunday, 27 January 2013

Personalised, Foiled Wedding Stationery - Gaynor & John

Well, we thought we had got away with it virtually scott free, but last nights snow really did come down. 

We decided to walk to work and after a bit of snow shovelling 
and a liberal sprinkling of salt.... it was business as usual.

This week has been particularly busy and there's been 4 Wedding Orders go out... probably my all time high for any week, since I started... and in fact this month is set to be the busiest ever!

Sometimes, someone comes through the door and has a clear idea of what they want... and yesterday, such a thing happened, quite by accident. 

Do you remember these.... The one on the left was one that a Bride had ordered off the internet. The Bride 'thought' she was buying from a UK company. The problem was, when they came they were all in polish or some odd language! They were reasonably priced yes, but actually came from China and it would cost a fortune to actually send them back!

You can read all about Kayleigh's experience on an earlier blog post titled Brides on a Budget - BEWARE!

The Wedding was pretty close, so I offered to try and sort something out for her. This is what I came up with.....

Kayleigh's Wedding Invitations came ina wrap around cover and we decided to keep these... and come up with a design that you could see poking out of the top corner.

Gaynor immediately spotted these and said "I want mine in wraps too!"  Now I hadn't made the original ones and the size was not standard to our UK paper sizes.... but with a big of jiggery pokery, I somehow managed to come up with something that fit....

The daytime cards were to be a bit more fancy and were to be enclosed in the wrap... my concern was that with all the extra card and the ribbon, they wouldn't fit in an envelope and until I had actually made them up, I couldn't be sure whether they would or not. Sometimes, Brides ask you to make something that' seems on the surface and easy enough task, but coming to make it can turn out impossible. 

Fortunately they do fit!

The Evening Invitations are printed and foiled on thicker card.
Card that would be just too heavy for folded cards. It was dark outside, and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get the lighting right for good photos of these, but they are different, gave me a challenge and turned out pretty well I think.

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