Monday, 7 January 2013

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Brides in particular!

As a fully qualified and professional Calligrapher and Lettering Artist, my work over the years has been wide ans varied.

While sorting some papers at the studio before the Christmas break I happened to find my original business plan. In the plan, I set out all the ways I wanted to take my business, what work I was looking for and how I would go about it.... that was some years ago now.

As anyone knows who works in the creative field, the clients and market,  drive you, not the other way round.

My business is called 'Inspired by Script' in the early days I did everything including poster, poems, commercial work, bookbinding, greeting cards, framed and mounted pieces for both private and public clients. I did work for many big names too!

Then just  over a year ago, I got asked to design and make some Wedding Invitations. I had done a couple of orders before, but the small amount of work I did do, did not warrant me focusing on Weddings alone.

In order that clients weren't confused by all the other work I did, I set up a separate 'North Yorkshire Weddings' website and North Yorkshire Weddings blog, to help direct the Brides to 'Wedding Only' stuff.... still keeping the 'Inspired by Script' stuff separate and cross posting any wedding work onto my main Inspired by Script, blog. My Inspired by Script website, simply has a tag which takes clients to my Wedding Website.

It's been difficult at times, explaining to Brides that I have a dedicated website called North Yorkshire Weddings, but my business is in fact called Inspired by Script. At times I'm sure it's been confusing to them and for me.... Well I felt I was living some kind of 'Double life'.

Work can get a bit over dramatic too.... one day you can be making a Wedding Album and the next you are painting a large wall canvas, then the next you can be writing out place cards... all very different aspects of what I do.

Finally, most of the work I do is either Wedding or Baby related or has something to do with celebrations in some way, like Birthdays or Anniversaries. Because the Wedding and Baby stuff has taken off so well, I know have to pick and choose what work I do. I am more focussed and less scatter gun and everything is far easier to control.  I have to turn down work that although I would like to do, I just have not got the time to do it, like long poems and small ones too! Small commissions have had to go too.... these were never cost effective anyway and I used them as pot boilers and a way of filling time. Some work is just too many hours for very little return.

This next year will see big changes. It will all happen gradually. I will, bit by bit integrate the 2 websites and blogs and go back to my original branding... the one I spent so many years building up. This will take so much pressure off as maintaining one website and blog has to be easier than two, hasn't it?

The amalgamation and transition will not happen over night... but it WILL happen.

Ohhhh.... I am SO excited about this year!

happy re-birth year!

Here's how you can find me:

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