Wednesday, 11 January 2012

When You Wish Upon A Star - Personalised greeting cards

I can't believe that it's 31 years since my son was born. Ironically 31 years to the day later I was writhing around in agony on a hospital bed once again.... this time for quite different reasons. I was getting my long time back problem sorted out lol.

I love making cards....and especially for family members that I know will appreciate them. I drew the design using a 0.8 fine liner pen, before scanning them and dropping them into a card template which I already have set up on my computer.

Once printed I then foiled them using holographic foil, which catches the light and casts wonderful rainbows around the room.

The card was then painted using water soluble brush pens and then shaded by adding water.

I just love the orange and warm sunshine yellows of these pens and WOW! What a difference a bit of colour makes

The finished card.....

Full frontal....

It's my mum's birthday I used the same design

but coloured it in [inks......

I've made a few extra, using silver foil to put in the shop.

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