Friday, 27 January 2012

Love, Love Me Do... Hand Made Valentine's Day Card

So..... the bug for these doodle thingies goes on.... this time it's hearts and love all the way.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching and no cards in the shop, I decided to get a shuffle on while I was quiet and design a new card... because you can bet your bottom dollar, that if you have nothing made, people will come in and ask for them.

I hand coloured each of the cards. This is easy when you only have a short run to paint and it makes them all look unique....

I've foiled 3 in red and 3 in silver... so 6 cards in all and each one different.

Pink, Orange and Red...

We were invited to a wedding of a long time friend of mine the following week and I decided that the design would make a great personalised Wedding Card.....

What do you think?

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