Sunday, 11 September 2011

What a difference a new floor makes!

For quite some time I've been complaining about the lighting in the Gallery at Inspired by Script. We have thought about a few ways of making this better.....but it was only when I was looking in from the outside I realised that it was the flooring that was absorbing the light!

Well, after being in the present building for 6 and a half years...

I decided the old lady needed sprucing up

and it was time for a change.......

WOW! What a difference! We really can't believe

how much more space

we seem to have.

The room not only looks cleaner and more inviting,
but wider too! MUCH wider!

Some times the smallest changes....

Can make the biggest differences....

Isn't that true in life too?

I did get a bit of a shock when I got into work today though....

forgetting about the new floor....

I thought I had been burgled :o)

Maintenance wise, it's gonna take more work....

I hate cleaning at the best of times....

but I think that it will be a small price to pay.

Happy Pixie!


  1. helenharding10:02 am

    Wow, it makes a huge difference, very bright and modern, Looks great!

  2. It certainly does Helen....I almost need sunglasses! :o)

  3. I love the blue, but it's amazing how much brighter it looks with that gone.

  4. I love the blue, but it's amazing how much brighter it is now.


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