Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wedding Album Portfolio

Perhaps it's because I actually make Wedding Albums, Guest Books and Photo Albums to order, as well as other books, that I find it almost impossible to actually use a shop bought one for my work.
Once I bought the Foiling Machine I designed a whole new range of cards around this. I then needed to create some new portfolios to display them in. Many of my orders come from shops where my range is shown.

After printing and scoring the insides of the book and the covers covered (somehow that doesn't sound right) I then have to clamp them....

Once clamped the drilling takes place and the clamps make sure there is no shift while this happens.

The clamp stays in place until after the sewing is complete.

The first page contains all my contact details

Then each page is devoted to a different design, with a photograph of other colour possibilities and the facing page.

Towards the end of the book is a collection of the designs, all standing in a row which is good for comparison.

And of course, the all important 'How To Order' Page along with foil colour choices.

It's far easier to deal with the client direct as no-one knows my business as well as I do and with direct contact many options and possibilities can be explored. Unfortunately, when the portfolios are in other peoples and agents hands, it's not such a personal service and one which I think is important, but by sending out the portfolios I can reach a wider client it's 6 and 2 threes.

If you, or anyone you know is getting married.....go and take a look at my Wedding Website at It's a work in progress and there are items added all the time.

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