Monday, 1 September 2014

Winter Inspired Wedding Invitations and Stationery- Karen & Tony

Planning a winter/Christmas wedding is probably the most challenging.
Instead of fighting it, Karen & Tony decided to embrace it.

All the ideas are Karen's... I was merely the person
who executed her ideas.

"Your ideas are our inspiration!" 

For the Invitations, Karen went along with a Holly theme....
She liked a previous design I had done, so we simply added Holly Leaves
instead of the plain leaves......

Once all the R.S.V.P's are in.... 
we can concentrate on the 'On the Day' details,
which help to enhance and personalise the Wedding reception.

The 'Order of the Day' Cards
were the same border as used in the Invitations.

We used Red and Green inside

The table names too had the same border...
this time without the heavy line above and below the design
as this would have made the border too overpowering
and the letters to light-weight,
it's all about balance.....

Rather than place cards, Karen wanted Holly leaves
with holes, to tie onto the wedding favours, 

which are to be Cumbrian Gingerbread in little gold chests 

And.... voila! 
Here they are 78 cut out holly leaves

With consultation I decided that Gold just had to be used for the calligraphy,
not only will to compliment the gold box... but looks pretty classy too!

I don't get to do as much calligraphy these days as I used to...
so it's nice to get my fingers covered in paint and keep my hand in.

Instead of our usual Wishing Tree Tags,
Karen suggested we make some red and green foiled baubles
Here they are before the holes are punched and the ribbon added...

And along with a poem seen at the centre/top....
the order is complete.

A few days earlier, I'd been playing with some doodles
and made them into tags to add to my mail order packages.
Just something a little different and quirky.

A little bit of fun brightens everyones day
and we just can't help those creative juices coming out to play :-)

I'd love to make a selection of designs, directed at the December/Christmas couples... but for once, apart from Holly and Snowflakes, my idea pot is empty.

Anyone got any bright ideas? 
Did you get married in December?
If so... what was your theme? 

Leave a comment or email me at 
I'd love to hear from you!

Sue x

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