Monday, 3 June 2013

Hot Pink and Purple Numbers and Postbox - Emily & Lee

I just LOVE 2 tone Wedding Themes.
When Emily contacted me I was more than a little excited 
about using Hot Pink & Purple together.

First the Wedding Post Box
Purple bordered card,
Hot Pink foil,
And dual coloured Butterflies and ribbon.

How gorgeous does this look?

I made the number cards the opposite way around.

Hot pink bordered card,
Cadbury's Purple Foiled Numbers,
And purple butterflies.....

By gluing only half the butterfly down
the other half can be bent upwards,
giving the impression of a butterfly in flight

Don't you think they look great?

And here's the butterfly cutter I used
by Martha Stewart.
They are a bit pricey if you are a DIY Bride,
but it's by far the nicest Butterfly Cutter on the market.

I also have Table Seating Plan Cards to make and matching Menus......
I'll post pictures of them as soon as they are made.

Any more 2 Tone Brides out there?
What colours are you putting together? 

I love to hear your insirational thoughts.
Either leave a comment

All designs, photographs and article content
(c) Sue Simspon 2013

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