Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hot Pink Wedding Stationery and Accessories - Karen and Richard

Hot Pink, Wedding Stationery 
and Accessories for 
Karen and Richard

Very often there are 2 parts to every wedding order.
The first part is the Daytime and Evening Invitations,
Save the Date Cards and RSVP.

Once the numbers have been gathered in, it's easier to order the right amount of 'On the Day Items.

Here we have 80 hot pink 
wedding wishing tree butterfly tags

And of course the wishing tree sign

Hot Pink foiled table numbers
again with butterflies

8 Butterfly Menus.... 1 for each table

And a beautiful Hot Pink 
Butterfly themed Wedding Post Box

And a close up of the front

The punched out butterflies all had a little diamante,
adding that extra glitz and sparkle.

There's still the Seating Plan and place cards to make,
once the final confirmations of names have been received
and the list checked for any spelling errors.

I loved making up this order
as there was no restrictions  on how I went about it.
The brief was:

Hot Pink,
and NO
 there can't be too many of them,
and do it however you like!

Great stuff.... that means I can go to town 
and give it my all.... and I think it shows! 

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