Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Journey Of a Thousand Miles - Commission

A journey of a thousand miles,
starts with a single step!


I was asked to produce something
for a client to give to a friend who is emigrating.
Although Australia is far more than a 1000 miles,
it's the start of a big thing!

I tried to do this a number of ways.... but it just wasn't working!
Once I let the piece flow and dictate itself,
the lettering and layout formed organically and took on a life of it's own. That's why it's really hard to work to commission and why artists so often steer clear of them and prefer to sell what they make, rather than be given a brief.

The background is pastel chalk, a technique that is not technically difficult and gives a great effect. 

The lettering is made using Gouache 
and the chalk acts as a tooth on the paper,
so letters are sharp and crisp....

I used a stencil of a spiral that I cut out some time ago
to represent travel, movement and journeys...

And it's hard to see on these pictures (which are far brighter in real life) but I've added silver squares too, to catch the eye as the viewer walks by. These represent things hidden to be revealed. 

The client will have the choice of 2, Landscape or Portrait format.... the other will be sold on my website or in my shop. 

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