Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Look Website for Inspired by Script! and North Yorkshire Weddings!

At last.... after many hours and sleepless nights... I've finally completed at least the template for the more contemporary look website for 'Inspired by Script'!

As some of you know I also own 'North Yorkshire Weddings' which was designed and named especially to separate my usually Calligraphy and Lettering Art from the Wedding Stationery side of my business. This decision was made to enable Brides and Grooms to brows purely the wedding side without distractions.

When the Wedding Stationery came all under one roof and was lumped in with my Lettering Art and Personalised gifts there was a tendency for it to get lost.... So, North Yorkshire Weddings was born.

Then, as time went on I felt that the 2 sites, both looking quite different had lost their way somehow and I didn't really know how to bring them together.... in a 'Branded' kind of way. To all intents and purposes, one would think they were looking at 2 different companies.

I'm about to be featured on a Wedding CD, due out in Autumn and it's only when the copyrighter send me a proof of my advert, that I realised how outdated and drab it looked. A new colour scheme, something more contemporary and fresh was called I changed the template. Only when I changed the template, did the light bulb go on... and I decided to copy the template for both sites! They will be different in their content, but there will be no doubt that I am one and the same person and company.

And here they are....if you haven't clicked on the links yet....please take a look and let me know what you think?

For Calligraphy, Lettering Art and Personalised gifts:
Inspired by Script

For Wedding Stationery and all printed accessories: 
North Yorkshire weddings

Oh and while I was at it, I've also matched my blogs

As anyone who has ever built an e-commerce site knows.... building it is the easy part.... listing is something else!
Photos have to be taken, downloaded, manipulated, re-sized, saved and resized again. Then comes the listing. Everything has to have a unique code, a mini description and then fuller description. Prices have to be entered as well as weighing and postage costs. The picture entered and then finally publishing.

So... apologies for the slow growth on these sites. Listing is a slow process and all this has to be done while running the studio, meeting with brides and completing their work too.

The sites show only a small selection and offer a taster of what is on offer at the studio in Northallerton, so if you are local, please pop in..... it's always good to meet face to face.

In the meantime, oif there's anything I can help you with....get in touch, either by phone or email and I'll do my very best to help! :o)

I'll be back soon with regular updates!

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