Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It's been a Wedding theme all the way....

The studio has been busy. I've had a huge clear out of so much treasure (that's the creatives name for junk and excess) and given a lot away to good homes where I know it will be put to good use. It's amazing how much you can store and accumulated over 20 years. The main reason for clearing out is my intention to share the studio with Steve Smith Jewellery an amazingly talented Kiln Fired Glass Artist and Jewellery maker. You can see his blog here: http://www.stevesmithsjewellery.blogspot.com/ Meanwhile, I've been working on a few jobs...getting my new foiled Wedding Collection off the ground ready for adding to my North Yorkshire Weddings website I was also asked to do some Thank You Cards..... not for a Wedding, but a funeral this time.
And I have also completed a wedding order....for Amy and Ian with the theme of Ivy. After very little consultation she has to be one of the easiest brides I've ever worked for.

And finally, I was asked to do some ceramic egg cups which are both wedding favours and place cards. The eggs will be topped off with a Kinder Egg....I think the idea is wonderful and certainly one that I will use in the future.
I think they are stunning....what do you think? It's always nice to do something a little out of the ordinary and these are certainly a novel idea. Oh.... and they are dishwasher proof too... bonus :o)
Brides to be, don't forget to keep up to date at my Wedding Blog


  1. What a lovely idea, to use egg cups as place setters. Yours are very cute - lucky guests...

  2. Thanks Carol, I think so too, although I can't take any credit for this idea.... as it was the Brides. However I do intend to offer them on my http://northyorkshireweddings.co.uk website.....just as soon as I have had time to catch up! lol.
    BTW - I love your books! Would you like to be featured in my Spotlight Sunday - http://makersandshakers.blogspot.com/2011/04/sunday-spotlight-creator-spotlight.html A new blog I am starting :o)


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