Monday, 1 November 2010

Logo Design For Small Businesses

Starting any new business can be daunting. Very often your Logo can be the last thing on your mind. It's always a pleasure to work on and develop a Logo to suit a persons personality or reflect the nature of the business and this is a huge part of your business 'Branding'.

Ideas are usually sketched out on paper with a pencil or calligraphy pen and eventually something just clicks.

The following was a rough sketch made on a scrap piece of paper while I was doodling and eating my lunch.....a 'Happy Accident' that I decided to run with. I especially liked the way the S of Steve ran off the paper.

Then there are many attempts at 'Fine Tuning' the Lettering.....This is the most time consuming part of the job......

Eventually there will be one that is just perfect......and that's the one we go with....

Although I have 'my' favourites, I am always aware that this is not my business belongs to the client and their preference is paramount. I therefore like to offer 3 choices. Enough to have a choice but not too many as it becomes confusing and overwhelming.

The client eventually settled on the one in the top right hand corner and I must admit they look superb, even though I say so myself.
If you would like more information on having your Logo designed, please contact me by emailing me at Stand out from the crowd!

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  1. Simply fabulous!
    Lucky the client:)


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