Friday, 19 November 2010

Stylistix Calligraphic Logo Design

Probably;y one of the most satisfying and rewarding, but also challenging commissions we have to do as Lettering Artists is Logo Design. The Logo has to work on a variety of media and the Designer has to think in advance. Think that is of what the Logo will be used for in the future as well as the present. It has to work at both large and small scale.

This particular Logo was designed some years ago for a hairdresser. The first job was for Appointment Cards......

Recently I have been asked to design their Gift time for Christmas....

These were 3 fold leaflets which also folded out to be the card. And a couple of posters for inside the shop.

The Logo was used for not only the front fascia board, but the opaque window decal too. As you can see it works perfectly. The Logo was stretched slightly to avoid large gaps at the end but still in keeping with the original idea.
Definitely a job I was most happy with.

I think you'll agree that Calligraphy and Hand Lettering, gives a certain edge to the Logo Design as opposed to Typeface and Fonts. A lot more appealing and eye catching.
If you would like to have a Logo Designed, please email me at
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  1. beautiful!!! Big difference, yes!


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