Monday, 27 October 2014

There's more to me than Wedding Stationery

One of the really fabulous things about having a blog is, it’s yours and yours alone! You can use it in any way you see fit. For the most part, this blog is about my Wedding Invitations and Stationery…. But it hasn’t always been that way!


During my early years as a calligrapher, almost all the content on here was to share my creative spirit and show off all the lovely lettered things I’d made, that seems way back in a previous life now.

For the past 3 years of my past 25 years has been concentrated on Wedding Invitations and Stationery and aimed primarily at the North Yorkshire, Cleveland and County Durham area. However I do know I have blog readers who come from far and wide and from all corners of the world. Some of them are fellow stationery designers, some are from my calligraphy family and others are creative types, so not everyone who lands on this page is a potential client or Bride.

Now…. As well as being chief maker and shaker at Inspired byScript, I also mentor, guide and support, other small businesses to get to grips with marketing, blogging and building a small website… more importantly ‘Modern Day Marketing’. Getting yourself out there and the minefield of the many social media platforms they need to engage in is a bit head blagging. Of course, most people know about Facebook and Twitter but there’s Pinterest, Google + and of course good old blogs and in particular Blogger to get to grips with too.

As well as the business mentoring I do, I also love to help the DIY Bride! Together we come up with some amazing and creative ideas. Sometimes they get me to make it for them and at other times we make things together. Before I set up Inspired by Script I used to teach Calligraphy all over the country. I love getting people all fired up and creative and so miss my teaching days. Once a teacher, always a teacher J

I’m also inspired to motivate and coach people in a ‘Feeling the Fear and doing it anyway’ kind of way. When I went though a particularly bad experience with anxiety and depression I learnt a lot which in fact turned my life around and it’s great to be able to pass on these techniques to others. This also comes in handy when dealing with the stressed out Bride! See all things come full circle in the end!


I’d love to share those other sides of me here, but somehow it just doesn’t feel right. My motivational calligraphy work certainly helps some people, however I’m not sure visitors to my blog are expecting that kind of thing. Mostly my audience consists of Brides & Grooms wanting wedding stationery.

What do I do? I’m struggling here.
Do I set up separate blogs and websites for this kind of stuff…or slip in the odd blog post here?


I'm worried that I may not be taken seriously as a Wedding Invitation Designer if I go too far off the beaten track. Reading the many advice blogs, the thing they say over and over again is... don't dilute your content with other things. If you are a Wedding Stationer then blog about Wedding Stationery.... but I am so much more than that! 


You'll get to see and read the real me. One thing people say about me is I am real, down to earth and authentic. I'm not some high flying business woman, raking in the cash. Nope, I'm just me. Glad that the money I am given in exchange for my Wedding Invitations and Stationery, pays the bills at the studio and I have the pleasure of a workspace that's not at home :-) Plus I get to meet such wonderful people face-to-face. 


Any thoughts/help/advice greatly appreciated
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Sue x

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