Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ivy Themed, Personalised Wedding Invitations - Rebecca & Graham

I love making something, just that little bit different....
The Ivy themed wedding postbox was the starting point.
Made some time ago for my late husbands, cousins wedding
and long before I bought the foiling machine. 

Ivy symbolises eternal fidelity & wedded bliss. 
A popular Victorian tradition was for a bride to plant the ivy in her bouquet after the wedding and watch it grow through the years, passing down sprigs from the same plant for her daughters & granddaughters to use in their weddings.

The couple chose to have their Evening Invitations
 and Money Request cards in a lush green foil....

And the Daytime, gate folded 
Daytime Invitations in Silver Foil 
so as to not over power the green ribbon.

Have you ever wondered about the traditions and customs
 attached to weddings?I found this an interesting read

Wedding Traditions - Wedding Custom

Another great article, this time covering flower traditions 
around the world is this one, by 'The Knot'

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