Monday, 21 July 2014

Ivy themed, Personalised Daytime and Evening Invitations and polite money request cards - Rebecca & Graham

Rebecca and Graham choose an Ivy Themed, 
personalised,  daytime and evening wedding invitation set
after seeing this ivy post box I made some time ago. 

I used the same ivy graphic, but added a few more....

A gate fold invitation is not the easiest to construct
and measurements must be accurate.
They chose a silver foil an hunters green ribbon.
We considered green foil but it was a bit over kill.
The silver set it off nicely. 

The design was reproduced on the flat evening invitations too
this time the couple chose an emerald green foil.

A money not gift poem completed the order. 

Rebecca and Graham chose this graphic to fit their winter wedding theme. As the wedding is close to Christmas it's tempting to go for a Holly or snowflake idea. The ivy worked beautifully as it doesn't stop them choosing other things to decorate their venue. In this case, ivy was a safe bet and it's so nice and easy on the eye. 

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