Thursday, 10 April 2014

Music Themed Wedding Post Box

Ohhhh.... how I have loved making this!

Music themed Wedding post box....

I was contacted by the Auntie of one of this couple...
"They're hiring a jukebox....and their wedding invitations 
were sent out made out of old 45 rpm records"

Straight away I got pictures in my head of how this would end up,
and fortunately Christine gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted.
She said she trusted me to do a good job after seeing the
she knew I was the one who could make something just that little bit different! 

First I found, printed and cut out some records.
I had to laugh when my little 4 year old Granddaughter came to the studio.

"Hey. Daisy.... what are these?"

"Umm... Grandma... they are CD's!"

"No Daisy... they are records"

"Grandma.... what's a record?"


Anyway... I digress... where was I?
Yes... first I found the records....

Printed and cut them out....

 And then some Black Music symbols.....

Then there's the calligraphy/hand lettering to be written for the plate.
The artwork for this is always done in Black as
 it reproduces the best, and the foil will give it colour.

Then the plate is made for the front..

And today... I pieced it all together

Pretty cool dontcha this?

Don't forget, if you have an idea for a special kind of postbox you want making,
whether it's for a Wedding, Christening,Anniversary or even Birthday,
give us a call... and we'll see what we can do :-)  The number is 01609 776 866

The studio during opening hours
288a High Street, Northallerton  DL7 8DW

Email me: Sue simpson

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