Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Yahoo! and Sony and World Smurf Day

I've held off posting this for a couple of months now... for reasons I best not go into.

When I first received the phone call I did want to lol. You have to understand that I get a lot of calls, companies masking themselves as clients and trying to sell advertising that you don't need at prices you can't afford and this one was no different. When the caller said "Hi, my name is ***** ***** and I work for Yahoo!"... "Ok... and?" (my usual curt reply... "Well we were wondering if you would make some tags for us, we are running a promotion to celebrate World Smurf Day and the launch of Smurfs 2"

(At this point I wanted to lol again 
and was waiting for the sales pitch to kick in).

Now, because this could so easily have been a spoof or hoax, I asked for the callers number and company address and told them I would be back in touch Shortly.

On further investigation I did indeed find out, that there IS a world Smurfs Day and more to the point, people actually dressed up like Smurfs! (Even more lol. 

Here.... see for yourself....

Here's their promo: Yahoo and Sony Pictures invite you to showcase your Smurfy antics this summer to win tickets to the London premiere of the movie Smurfs 2 

I have to say... the deadline was tight and with 
a few emails back and forth... the job was printed and cut

The ribbons tied on.....

Bundles made......

And shipped off to Yahoo! 

I still can't get my head around WHY they chose me out of the 1,000's of printers out there and I'm sure they thought I was part of some large outfit... but never-the-less, work is work. Whether I'm doing work for the Armed Forces, Royalty, Big International Corporations or Brides on a Budget.... it's all the same to me.We don't give preferential treatment and everyone is treated equally.... that's what makes us 'Us'. 

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