Saturday, 1 September 2012

Personalised Birthday Card for a little girl - Ambers 6th Birthday!

Personalised Birthday Card for a little gir!

It was my little niece, Ambers 6th Birthday

She's a very pink Princess kind of girl.
I always find it pretty hard to design and make cards for kids...
Oh and men too! 

A simple concertina style card, folded out to reveal her name AMBER in cut out letters. Then decorated with sparkly, diamonds and hot pink and purple butterflies.

She rang me tonight to thank me for her card and tell me....
"It's the nicest card I've ever received"

What a compliment :-)


  1. That's so sweet she's really going to enjoy receiving this wonderful keepsake.

  2. Thanks Mary.... she loved it. She said it was the very best card she had ever received! She's easy pleased lol xxx


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