Wednesday, 11 July 2012

HOW TO MAKE a Hand Made Personalised Birthday Card

It's my sister-in-laws birthday today.... 

If you are a card maker, there's always 
an element of guilt if you actually BUY a card! 

I feel that it's a cop out and would only do it
 in extreme circumstances!
This time, I wanted a challenge,
something a little bit different
than I had done before. 

So for those of you who are interested,
here's how I made it.

First off, using a fine line permanent pen (o.8)
I drew some flower doodle, outlines... 

Then using water-based brush pens,
coloured them in and blended with water.

Then I scanned them and added
a few more......

Then I cut each one out....

Here's my collection.....

Then I printed out the card front....

And foiled it with a lovely HOT PINK!
(If you haven't got a foil machine, print in colour instead)

I decided it was too white...
so scraped on some pastel chalk....

And blended it in with some old towelling 

Then used fixative.... 
so Flora didn't get filthy when handling it!

The pastel colours suited the card much better!

With some of the flowers I added foam pads to the back
to give the card some dimension....

You may be able to see it better here...

Oh... then I added some little diamantes,
for a little bit of sparkle! 

Doesn't that look better?

Still.... it lacked a certain something....

Ahhhh.... a little bit of HOT PINK ribbon!

It's always nice to make cards for friends and family. Very often clients don't get to see your full repertoire
so your chance to go a little wild is stifled.
But if anyone is interested and would like one of these made for someone special... I have a few of these flowers left (I printed double.... just in case it went wrong!) I'd be happy to make them one. Email me at:

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  1. I know what you mean about guilt over buying a card - I have a cupboard full of crafting bits and pieces but just haven't had the time to make any personalised cards recently! This year I am determined to make most of my Christmas cards though, so will use the bank holiday weekend to crack on with it. Your designs are lovely, I shall have a good browse for inspiration!


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