Wednesday, 13 June 2012

More Cut Lettering.... This time on Signs.

I have to tell you that as soon as I had a little bit of spare time,
I had to make some signs.

The first one is for my Wedding Website 

And is simply a 24" x 5" white painted sign, 
to direct guests to the Bride and Grooms Wedding.

This quotation brings back lots of happy memories.
With 3 kids at home and mostly all their friends round too,
this was a regular saying my mum used to come out with.

At times the house was chaotic....
and to some, must have seemed like a Mad House....
but everyone was made welcome and 
the saying always brought a big smile to visitors.

The next one... I am NOT laying any claim to.
The quotation greatly amused the person who suggested it...
so I did it for him
The original one does NOT have the word blanked out,
I was trying to protect my reputation! (she says tongue in cheek!) 

Anyway....all these signs are on painted MDF. 
I'm sticking to 3 sizes of sign at the moment to see how they go.
The sizes available are:
24" x 6" and will be on sale for £20
30cm x 21cm (A4) will sell for £15
and then small 21cm x 10cm ones will sell for £7.50.

I'll make a few as examples for the website....
but as per usual, everything can be made to order.
To see more visit 

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