Friday, 10 December 2010

Lettering on Ceramic

I've been asked by a Bride -To-Be to do a novel 'Favour' gift idea. She wants to put a kinder egg on each table and at first we thought of burning the names on wooden egg cups. This proved to be a novel idea but I was not happy with the results.

Then we came up with ceramic paints and as I had not lettered with these before, thought I would do a trial run on larger objects....hence the Mugs.....
Lettering on ceramic is difficult for me as I, being Left Handed, press hard with a nib and like some sort of 'Tooth' to the paper. It takes some practice, but once in the swing, it gets easier.
We've chosen a Non-Formal Lettering style for the Egg Cups as this adds to their quirkiness.
After wriiting on them the ceramic is fired making them heat resistant and dishwasher proof.

13 down, only another 137 to go!

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