Monday, 27 January 2014

Don't be fooled!..... I'm out to save the world!

It doesn't happen often.... but every once in a while someone messages or emails me to ask "How much will it be for.................".

If this is the only question it's likely to be for one of only two reasons.

1. Either they are genuinely interested, like your stuff, but don't really know what else to ask
OR the worst case scenario....
2. They are shopping around for prices!

(There's always a chance they are just plain bored and it's their lunchtime of course).

Now, I don't mind anyone shopping around (I do it myself), but one of the things that really bugs me is that they are comparing price not quality!

They NEVER ask the thickness of the card I use... It's 250gsm for folded plus insert and 300gsm for flat invites in case anyone's interested. And this card is too thick to go through a conventional, home printer.

We also used only top quality matching envelopes from a reputable company .... not some shoddy thin rubbish from the local craft store.

Yes.... we 'could' make our Invites cheaper..... but to be honest, we won't! For the odd 10p we will save using cheap materials, the look and feel of your stationery will be severely compromised and our reputation would be in tatters.

That leads me onto our pricing structure. We want to make our stationery 'affordable'. We hate to see Brides being ripped off and ALL of our designs are individually made for EACH client. No 2 invitations are the same. We also personalise the outside of the card... if you notice... many companies only personalise the inner sheet and you have to type up and send them all the wording too! Nice work if you can get it! (And many do!).

So many companies on the internet fall into 1 of 2 categories.

1. They are massive print companies who knock out pre printed pieces of card and only add your details to the front... meaning changing the design is not likely. What you see is what you get.

or even worse 2. The table top crafter with little experience of design and layout and using home printer quality card, meaning that when you get it, it has little chance of standing upright and even if you manage to get it that far it will faint in a heap the minute your central heating comes on.

Ok.... so I know I can't save the world! But many of the above company's are charging the same price as me! I've been told that for individually designed invitations and stationery, designed and foiled, using only the best quality materials with a personal consultation thrown in for good measure, I should
 be charging DOUBLE!


Especially when you compare my prices to the people who work from a kitchen table, sell on ebay and have no business bricks and mortar rent, rates, insurance, electric, telephone, water rates and insurance to pay for, well BEFORE you get a penny in profit. 

I'm wondering if when clients are comparing prices that they think the more they spend the BETTER the product? Seriously, I would like to run a separate website under a generic name and see what would happen... it may be interesting! 

I'm wondering who is the daftest here... is it me for wanting to offer my Brides and Grooms the very best in both product and service for as little as possible, when I could simply work from home, churn out generic covers and take cash of the unsuspecting couples for simply printing out the inside on substandard materials. And if I did that would make far more profit per card than I do! or is it the Brides who think that they will get the very same thing as I am offering... this saving themselves a few pence per card? 


1. be VERY careful WHO you buy your stationery from
2. ask questions about the thickness of the card and ask for a sample if you don't live close by
3. SHOP LOCAL! Most reputable Wedding Stationers will gladly meet up with you to show you their wares. 
4. Be VERY careful when buying of pages on Facebook! They can be here today... gone tomorrow... usually with a shed load of peoples money as well! Trust me... this has happened on more than one occasion.
5. attend Wedding Fairs and meet the people who you are buying off.  
6. Make sure (if you are buying off the internet) that their company address and telephone number is clearly displayed. Then CHECK OUT HE ADDRESS! It's LAW that companies have this information on their website!  

I'm interested to know what you think? 
Anyone else have this problem?
Brides ... are you just looking for the 'cheapest'.... no matter how it looks?

Please ... help me out here with your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 
Or email me (Sue Simpson if you don't know my name by now)

Ok.... back to the grindstone! :-)

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