Friday, 29 March 2013

Orange, Yellow and Hot Pink Inspired Wedding Ideas

Well, it's still pretty cold and miserable and the threat of snow looms all around....
So.... we decided to re-dress the window at Inspired by Script
in the hope it brought some magic our way and the sunshine too.

Shown below is a Wedding Post Box and in front  of that
which we also sell as his work sells really well
as Bridesmaid and Best Man Gifts.....
No.... not earring for the men, but stunning solid silver cufflinks :-) 

A few weeks ago a lady rang with the most exciting colour scheme
Citrus colours of Orange and Yellow and added to it a hint of Hot Pink. 
So I decided that would certainly warm up the still dark and gloomy days.

As we dressed the other window in Butterfly themed stationery
we thought this time we'd got for hearts....
so the Wishing Tree took a hit first,
with Orange and yellow hearts
and the actually 'Wishing Tags' In gold and Copper foil
to represent the Orange and Yellow.

Copper and Gold
looked particularly stunning

We make everything at the studio ourselves, so
 Brides can make sure that everything matches,
this time for the window display I decided to do
 the full set of what's available....
minus the Wedding Albums and Guest Books that is,
but the place cards, table numbers and favour tags are here....

AND..... can you believe it....
but as we had just finished setting up the window,...
the sun came out! Just long enough to take a few pictures,
but it did come out!...

and if you look at the 3rd picture down you will see 
the fluffy why clouds in the most gorgeous Blue sky 
caught in the reflection of the window.

It's certainly hard to believe that this time
 last year we were having a heatwave! 

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