Sunday, 23 January 2011

Work Submitted For Selection at Ferens Art Gallery

Well, I've finally done it....entered my work for selection
at the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull.

Well, they say there's a first for everything and while I have exhibited all over the country, this is the first time I have submitted work for selection and in a 'Art' Exhibition. In the past the exhibitions have been under the banner of Calligraphy or Lettering Art.

Saturday morning saw us getting up bright and early....well not so sure about the 'bright', this Pixie hates mornings :o) and heading off to Hull.
Submitting work is easy and painless, once you get over the colly wobbles of actually having your Lettering Art under the label of 'Is it art?'. The work is left for scrutinising and hopefully selection by the judges.
Only around 10% of the work is chosen and it's down to the judges and their preference on the day which pieces are it's left there on a wing and a prayer and with a large sprinkling of Pixie dust in the hopes that either or both of mine and Steves work is selected. We've entered 2 pieces each, so, watch this space :o)

You can read more about the gallery at the following link

by simply clicking here if you are out and about in Hull, there are lots of Art Galleries and museums and this one is very much worth a visit.

It was a dull day, with lots of traffic so I took the liberty of taking the picture from here.....

Picture courtesy of Flicker

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